PRUNING SHEARS 2001 is the combination of the world finest quality Swedish special steel and MASAKUNI's craft which has been succeeding the world famous tradition of Japanese Sword.
It has been our desire to develop the highest quality Pruner which would accepted by all professionals throughout the world. For this purpose, we started our study from the point of dynamics and human mechanism. Our research covered all such questions as how the blade angle should be, or what shape will be more effective for the application, including the development of anti-losing special screw and the special method of heat treatment for improving the durability.
After having spent the years for research, having repeated severe testing on many different trial models, we finally reached to the 2001, which is the most prideful products of MASAKUNI.
2001 is the one which must be surely added to the history of MASAKUNI, and every inch Thoroughbred shears from the Thoroughbred family.

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Length 208mm
Weight 290g
The finest quality Pruner.
For professional use.

for 2001

Length 180mm
Weight 70g
High quality leather sheaths designed for 2001.
Easy to put on the belt by hook behind.

No.2001 Pruning Shears for professional use
The 2001 professional pruning shears are made of highest quality Swedish special steel and succeeding the world famous tradition of Japanese Sword in making process.
The body is forged in a continuous operation and special heat treatment ensures the sharpness and durability of the blade.
MASAKUNI's 2001 uses special large diameter stainless steel screws, which will not loosen even after extended use.
The stainless steel spring will not weaken and a special hard rubber shock absorber and the handle itself have been designed to reduce fatigue.
The supporting blade is specially designed to prevent sap from adhering to the blades.
The stopper allows them to be locked and unlocked in one easy operation. Moreover, the stopper prevents the shears from opening too wide for easier handling.